As we move to greater health AND happiness, each day grows sweeter. The kind of sweet that doesn't hurt your waistline or your heart. 

As you grow stronger and healthier, physically-more plant foods in your daily diet, a healthy weight and lifestyle, and emotionally-more loving, compassionate and kind, everything is possible. That's the sweet spot and where human beings thrive. So how do we do that?


With Your Personal Wellbeing Coach You Will .   .  . 


LEARN how to create and maintain a leaner, healthier body. Learn how to de-stress on demand, respond positively to life's challenges and create positive outcomes for you and those concerned. 

CROWD OUT unhealthy habits and emotions with healthy habits and emotions. As you do this, your weight is optimized and many illnesses and diseases can be resolved and prevented. Relationships improve naturally as you learn to respond to life's events and circumstances positively, from love, compassion and appreciation. Productivity and creativity climb as focus, clarity and passion are restored. A growing confidence and sense of oneself brings peace, joy and fulfillment to you and those around you. 

LIVE the habits that create both health AND happiness. Soon your new habits become your way of life--and each day grows sweeter as you live for and from your heart. 

Out of your heart;  discover in your own soul,  rose garden after rose garden.  ~ Rumi

Work with Laurie and achieve greater health and happiness!

  • Weight Loss ~ Eat 6 meals/day with a structured program including a free Personal Coach. Reach a healthy weight, quickly and safely, and live the Habits of Health to maintain your healthy weight, and reduce your risk of illness and disease.

  • Emotional Self Regulation ~ Learn to live from the heart, de-stress on demand and create the optimal state of coherence.

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  • Take Laurie's Personal Health Assessment. Each column represents another time period, so together we will see your health, happiness and quality of life move to the next level and beyond.  Click here.


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