Several months ago I was referred to Laurie for stress coaching by my boss at work. I was overweight and having some health issues--gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I was able to lose weight on the program but became stagnate over time and realized my issues with stress and anxiety were sabotaging my efforts.

I then decided to work with Laurie on the HeartMath Stress Reduction program to help reduce stress and anxiety I was experiencing both at home and work. The program has made a huge impact on my life as well as helping me get back on track with my weight loss.

Since I started with Laurie I have lost over 40 pounds, have been able to reduce my medications by 2 pills (one for high blood pressure and one for gout) and not only feel better about myself but am feeling more relaxed and seeing an improvement with my interactions with others. I make better choices on what to eat. It has impacted my whole family. I have read many of these types of stories over my lifetime but before I met Laurie, I never thought that I would be so lucky as to be able to share these thoughts myself.     John

Can you Imagine Losing 387 pounds? 

Well, thanks to her hard work and determination, along with the support of many people, including our own therapist, that’s exactly what Mary Ann has accomplished.  Mary Ann has lost 387 lbs and is mobile again for the first time in 7 years!  Mary Ann has accomplished her goals so far thanks to her work in cognitive behavioral therapy and from the guidance of her Health Coach, Laurie Levin.    Jeanne


I went to the doctor today for my annual physical - weight 164 - he kept telling me how happy he was and how well I have done.  Yeah!!  Blood pressure was perfect! When I come back from my trip I will call you with my weight and discuss next steps.  I really want to thank you so much for everything and feel you will be my friend & lifetime coach.   Mary

I went to my 30th high school reunion and received a ton of compliments., thanks to you and the program. I feel so much better about myself.   Lynne

Thank you so much for this morning!  You helped me so much, and I really do love working with you and your wonderful energy!  You are a phenomenal coach, and I learn so much from you all the time!  Sandy T

Thank you for inspiring my daughter! She gave me the anti-depressants last night and said "no more". Only took 4 days. She is doing HeartMath twice a day & loves it!  DG

You can count on me to recommend YOU as one who both knows and cares.  Gratefully!   Rich P

Hi Laurie,  I enjoyed our 1st session Very Much!  There is something about you that is wonderful to be around.  Gentle, loving, compassionate, energetic, excited about life, the way you look at the person you are talking to. It has drawn me in and I'm grateful to have you in my life gifting me your presence and gifting me tools for a better life experience.  Viv

Thanks again for guiding me so beautifully, and for modeling for me what a heart-based life can look and feel like. I spoke with my husband and he plans to work with you now as well.   Irene

Really nice job last night. Two of my clients attended your session & made a point of sharing with me that your presentation was professional, and very educational. Thank you for raising the bar for us and the company.  Liz

Great job today Laurie. Your passion touched a lot of people today. Thank you!  Lisa S




I appreciate both your support, the right mix of encouragement, and not being preachy. The best coaching/motivating requires as much an understanding of the psychology of the client, as it does a complete grasp of one’s subject matter. I find you to be the master of both. 

John V